Aging is a reality of life that unites all humans, irrespective of race, creed, location…. We tend to overlook the challenges of aging either by accident or design, and as a result, our later lives can be consumed by “surprises” or issues that could have been handled with prior preparation. Ignoring the realities of aging can also adversely affect the lives of our loved ones. It is imperative therefore that we strive to embrace our aging, especially in our Third Thirty (ages 60-90) and be at peace with the typical inevitabilities. The webinar will discuss how we can Pray, Plan and Prepare for our own aging journey so that the last chapters of our lives can be the best possible, both for us and our loved ones. Getting rid of our “stuff”, downsizing, discussing with our extended family our end of life wishes and discerning what God wants us to do with our post-retired life are just some of the topics that will be covered.

POAMN’s Chris Pomfret was the featured speaker on this webinar offered in partnership with Practical Resources for Churches. The webinar was streamed live on October 5, 2023. Watch a recording by registering at the link below.

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