POAMN and the Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Columbia Theological Seminary offer a course of study in older adult ministries. comprised of four core courses – The Process of Aging and Implications for Ministry, Teaching for Transformation with Older Adults, Theological Reflection in Older Adulthood and Spiritual Formation and Older Adult. Individuals who complete these four courses and an additional Capstone Project will earn a Certificate in Older Adult Ministry.

Want to know more about older adults so you and your faith community can more effectively serve and minister among them? Sign up for one or more of the upcoming courses in the Older Adult Ministry (OAM) program.


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Rev. Dr. Sarah Erickson, Director of Lifelong Learnng at the CLL, serves as coordinator of the OAM courses. The CLL offers other courses concerned with aspects of leadership, spiritual formation, worship, caregiving, aging and disabilities.