Crossroads Presbyterian Church in Commerce Township, Michigan, is mission-focused on serving the community. The modest-sized congregation outside of Detroit has 41 active members, most of whom are older adults.

Since 2017, the church has sought to serve young adults age 18-26+ on the autism spectrum, with Down syndrome, and other disabilities. With a program called Crossroads Club, the congregation offers a monthly opportunity for these special young people to gather together for fun and learning. At the same time, their adult caregivers are able to have a couple hours of respite.

Some recent activities include a picnic with outdoor games and visits to a bowling alley and a planetarium. The church has also provided young adults with small stipends to enable them to attend social and vocational training classes at a local center for people with disabilities.

For caregivers, Crossroads Presbyterian Church has provided educational seminars on such topics as housing and financial planning, wills and trusts, and connections to area non-profits serving the disabled community.

These programs have been funded through the support of our congregation as well as from  grants from the Presbytery of Detroit and the PC(USA).

These young adults are a Light of Christ in their community.

To learn more about Crossroads Club, please contact program coordinator Roberta Wolf at or Crossroads Presbyterian Church’s commissioned pastor, Joshua Archey, at or (248) 624-3821.