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Korean Milestone Birthdays, Immigrants and Korean-American Church Webinar


Koreans celebrate longevity with throwing big parties for older adults particularly when they meet milestone birthdays like Hwangap (60) – Gohi (70) – Palsoon (80) – Gusoon (90). This session will show how Korean-Americans inherit the tradition in the context of immigrant communities and what the immigrant churches contribute to empowering older adults spiritually in their […]

Older Adults of Hispanic Heritage Webinar


Rev. Rosario will share some of the challenges that older adults of Hispanic heritage and others face within the cultural realities of adapting to life in our world. These challenges can arise from the differences between them and their children who have been socialized to the norms of America. They can also face cultural shock, lack […]

The Circle of Life Webinar


In our culture we view life’s journey as a circle. There are four stages in our life’s journey, as there are four seasons, four directions. The circle of life is referred to as medicine wheel, in that are many teaching for a good long life. Rev. Fern Cloud speaker bio: Fern Cloud is a citizen […]