Linda Rauenbuehler

By Linda Rauenbuehler

This quarter the theme of PNN asks is there anything too wonderful for the Lord? To me, the answer is “no.” Nor is there anything too wonderful for the seniors we serve.

I am so grateful I found POAMN many years ago in the autumn of 2014. I was newly retired and going onto the staff at our church in a new volunteer position as director of Senior Adult Ministry. Over these past nine years, my job was renamed director of Congregation Care and it turned into a paid position. As I have navigated serving my congregation, which consists mostly of seniors, I have been so grateful to have POAMN by my side.

My job description is a work in progress as new ideas come to life on how we can serve others. Some of those ideas come from people I have met through POAMN. They also come from the newsletter, the annual planning guide, and the many conferences I have attended. Serving on POAMN’s Board added a new dimension to my service for older adults. I will always be grateful for the wonderful people I have gotten to know through POAMN.

In December, I completed a six-year term on the POAMN Board. Serving has been a good experience and I am still going to be involved in POAMN. I will attend conferences as I can and will read the newsletters and Planning Guide. I will turn to the website to see the wide variety of resources that are contained there as I seek ideas in serving my congregants. I continue to ask myself, “Is there anything too wonderful for the Lord?”