– Recommendation by Chris Pomfret 

The human body is amazingly adaptable and profoundly affected by how we live. When author Dan Buettner heard of small areas of the world where longevity far exceeded anywhere else, he decided to visit these microcosms.

What he found was compelling and eye-opening, not only in how diet but also lifestyle affects health and longevity. The reasons for people living so long are different in each area, but there are similarities.

Some of the specific stories are astounding, such as the story of Stamatic Moratis who lived and worked in the US for many years and found his own cure for cancer when doctors had declared there was nothing more they could do.

I think the book will stimulate an excellent discussion. A group could read about one microcosm each week and discuss the findings. There are spiritual-based components that are likely to come out in the group discussion.

This article originally appeared in the 2024 Older Adult Ministry Planning Guide.